Interracial Couple Confessions
Im a mixed girl raised around white people my whole life. My senior year of HS, a socially-just white boy became my 1st love. But I feel he won't accept my "black" aspects. I'm loud, dramatic, very blunt, & inappropriate. Ill try to describe to him how I'm jealous of white alternative girls, & the struggle for black girls to be appealing to white guys. He hates all of it. Also he makes sure hes "respected". I feel like I've lost all my independence & self respect, & turned into a 50s housewife.

There are A LOT of things wrong with this ask but I’ma stick to the two things that jumped out the most. First off I’m not sure I understand how loud, dramatic, bluntness and being inappropriate are “Black aspects”??? And second this boy sounds like an asshole ditch em

wait so do you hate white girl/black guy couples, or was it a random submission? :c

I have nothing against any interracial couples, and I’m not entirely sure what submission you are referring to? Keep in mind that unless I am answering an ask the submissions that you see do not directly reflect my own opinions

Do you know of any blogs that are specifically for Hispanic women and white men? I can't seem to find any on tumblr....

At the time I am unaware of any that may exist. If any of my followers know if any could you share or submit a link?

What advise do you have to give a black girl, who has come to terms with the fact she isn't romantically or physically attracted to black men, but still feels like a complete alien about it?

Sounds like you believe stereotypes about black men. Ponder this and go from there

For everyone too afraid to ask out the person of their desire who is of a different race- do it. You won't regret it (unless they suck, which is not race specific). :)
So I am a hispanic girl and have been dating a Vietnamese guy. He is the 2 child but first boy and i understand he is who everyone looks up to. We were doing great but now his mother is very ill. He wants to make her happy and i understand that, but that involves making a family with a Vietnamese girl... i guess the question is, is this normal? any thoughts? advice? is there any chance left for us?

I am in no position to say if this is “normal” or not. You should discuss this matter with him yourself

I am a Hispanic girl (17), and I find white men attractive. So many people get upset at me because I talk about marrying a white male. Everyone says "you're gonna change your mind". But I don't find darker skinned males attractive. It's not that I wouldn't speak or be friends with them, but there is no sexual attraction. Am I wrong for thinking this? Should I just settle? Will a white guy even like a Dominican girl?

If a man doesnt like you soley because you’re Dominican then he ain’t worth your time anyway. So dont worry yourself with such questions. And by all means like who you like but dont write off all darker skinned males because you say there’s no sexual attraction. Men with darker skin aren’t clones. And you have to ask yourself, is it the actual color of their skin that bothers you? And if the answer is yes then ask yourself why.

What's the best way to get a guys number or start talking to him to get to know him? I'm a black girl and there's this white boy in my geometry and drama class and we talk in class but I want to get to know him outside of class. Any advice? He followed me on instagram (: haha

I’ve become a huge advocate for the straight forward approach. You dont have to be aggressive but do be yourself and be honest with him

Just to let you guys know that there's hope :) He's of Kenyan, Somali, and Yemeni. She's of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mongolian.
Hey! I just wanted to say I love your blog :)

Thanks for the love! :3

I'm a Caribbean teen (girl) and I'm dating an amazing Puerto Rican (guy) and we're keeping our relationship a secret but how can we not make it a secret anymore? There aren't any interracial couples in our school too

You dont have to make a formal announcement. Just interact with in public the same way that you guys do when you’re together. To hell with everyone else

Is it bad that I'm really into guys that aren't my race but I'm too afraid to talk to them because I'm black?

Stop thinking that you’re less than. Any man that you give the time of day should feel honored to have your attention.

So I guess this is something to share! I've been with my Mexican/White boyfriend for what will be 10 months on Saturday(: We're so absolutely in love so don't be afraid to go after the one you want in your life it'll be worth it trust me
I like this white guy but the thing is it seems to me that he's afraid of what others think. I honestly don't care what others think. What should I do?

If he cares so much about what others think then you have to consider exactly what is the reason why he cares if that makes sense. If he’s afraid of others having negative thoughts but he knows those thoughts are irrational, then why bother worrying about it?

I'm a girl and junior in high school (and black) and I like this white guy (also a junior). When we see each other we talk and joke around and sometimes he says flirty things. But I don't know if he's actually flirting or it's just playful banter. And I don't wanna interpret wrong and get like friend-zoned or make things awkward between us. I don't know what to do. Help??

Ask him to be clear with you about what he wants