Interracial Couple Confessions
okay I need a lot of help here. the guy I like is black and I am a white girl. he's 19, and I'm 15. don't judge the age difference. I know it's not the best but I know him very well, and I know what I'm doing. we aren't a couple but we like each other a lot. I'm not afraid to tell anyone other than some of my friends and parents because I know my friends don't like interracial couples, and my parents tend to be a little racist. what should I do?

I know you said to ignore the age difference but I just can’t on this one. I’m not the one to judge whenever it comes to big age gaps between couples. But in your case this is different. Sweetie I urge you if you really like this guy and think he’s worth it YOU SHOULD WAIT. Not only would you two have to deal with problems between your friends and family based on race but that combined with the age difference is going to come with an entirely different stigma and a whole new level of hate. Hate that unless this guy is really important to you, you shouldn’t have to deal with. This is hard to explain but a lot of people may see your relationship as a form of rape ESPECIALLY since he’s black and your white. Even if you guys do nothing more than hold hands. And there is a possibility that he could end up in jail or something. And if you say your parents tend to be racist just take everything I just said and multiply it. I’m not saying that’s fair I’m not saying that I agree but I am saying that it will happen trust me. If you want to date outside your race and you want it to be something that your friends and family will accept just wait till you are older hun.

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I know some people have to deal with parents that don't approve of interracial relationships, but my mom's the opposite! She really hopes I end up marrying someone outside my race (I'm African American/Zimbabwean) someday. I'm attracted to men of all shades, but she's always raving about IR relationships. At the end of the day, I care much more about a person's heart than the color of their skin. What should I do? I feel like my mom's pressuring me to date/marry outside my race! O.o

Pressure to date someone whether you want to or not is uncomfortable. Have you tried talking to your mother about how this pressure makes you feel? If not try letting her know that you appreciate her thoughts but also tell her that you would like for her to be open about dating someone within your race as well. If you can try asking her why she feels so strongly the subject. Hopefully with a simple talk you two can come to an understanding.

I haven't been able to feel "good sex" what's wrong?

I’m sorry but in not a sex expert, I wish you the best of luck?

How do you know if a guy likes you

If he’s sending mixed signals or your aren’t sure if he likes you, the only thing left to do is ask him.

I'm really attracted to guys of different races, but I never approach them because it feels ridiculous to think that they'd be attracted to me. Everyone around here seems to only date people who look like them, and I bet there are guys who are attracted to me who don't say anything because I'm black and they're not. So I guess my question is: How do I make guys know that I'm attracted to them without saying something tasteless like "don't worry, I want to be with you even though you're Asian"?

Well for one you need to stop believing that it would be ridiculous for someone to be attracted to you. Have confidence in yourself. It goes a long way trust me. At the same time be aware that rejection is something that happens to everyone regardless of race. Once you incorporate those types of thoughts into your mindset approaching guys will become a lot easier. As far as letting guys know that you are attracted to them the answer is simple…FLIRT!. Talk to him like you would any other guy and flirt with him. If he’s interested in you as well he’ll feed off of your cues. Or you could always take the more direct approach and simply tell a guy that you think he’s cute, attractive, etc. Either way there’s no secrets tricks when it comes to letting a guy know that you’re interested.